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Then saith he unto his disciples,
The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few;
Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest,
that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.

(Matthew 9:37-38)

The world, as you know, is fast approaching the time when our beloved Saviour will return. The signs he foretold in Matthew chapter 24 are being fulfilled all over the earth. Time is Short; but there is still much to do. We will describe ways you can help take the Everlasting Gospel to all the world and witness the greatest harvest this universe has ever seen!

When it arrived some 550 years ago the printing press opened up enormous opportunities for the spread of Truth. Together with the regular postal service it made it possible for organizations to publish the Bible and contact folk in every country. But the printing press, with its trusted ally the regular postal service, is slow and expensive. By comparison the computer, the telephone and the Internet are extremely fast and inexpensive. Since you already have the equipment (computer, modem and telephone) we now invite you to help us take the Everlasting Gospel to millions of ordinary people who would hesitate to enter a church building or be seen reading the Bible. Indeed most people on earth do not even possess a Bible or know that it is Life's User Guide!
Here is how you can help proclaim the Everlasting Gospel.

Few believers, comparatively speaking, have a Web site. Many use the Internet for e-mail purposes and surfing the Net; but little else. Well, I can tell you that it's possible for you to have your own Web site and use it to proclaim the Everlastng Gospel to all the world - at no extra cost to yourself. After all, you already have a computer and use e-mail; so you are well equipped. The following instructions are by no means detailed, but they will give you some idea as to how you could go about setting up your own Home Page.

  1. Since you already have an e-mail address, the first thing you should do is find out from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if you are allowed to place files on their server. As a paying client, you should be allowed at least 5 megabytes of space for your own files.
  2. If your ISP's answer is 'yes you are allowed space' then proceed as follows.
  3. First design a Home Page. This should not be flashy or flamboyant. Remember we're advertising Truth, not furniture. A Home Page, could contain, amongst other things, information such as:
    • A graphic which puts you or your organization in the picture. Graphics may be created with a drawing program or they can be a photograph scanned in to form a computer graphics file. Keep oft-used graphic files below 20k in size; else visitors to your site may become impatient opening them and move to another site.
    • An introduction about yourself or your organization. This should not be lengthy; not on a Home Page at any rate.
    • Links to the various categories of articles.
    • Links to a few important files, held either your own or another site.
    • Your ordinary mailing address.
    • Your Home Page address.
    • Your e-mail address.
    • The last updated date.
  4. You then begin to actually create your Home Page. This is how it's done:
    • Create your graphics file. A graphic (picture) as mentioned above, is either a scanned photograph or some art work produced with a drawing (Paint) program.
    • Create your Text file. Text files may be created with an ordinary Word Processor just as you would compose an ordinary letter. This Text file will form the main content of your page. All the rest is cosmetic. Always bear in mind that attractiveness without meaningful content is pretty useless at best.
    • Next add the HTML format instructions to your Text file to make it acceptable for the Internet. If you download and study a few Source files from this site you will see what HTML instructions we have used. To view a Source file in your browser, go to the View Menu and click on Source. Print out the Source file and study the HTML instructions. Apply these to your own HTML document.
  5. Once you have created your Home Page, you can then load your Internet browser and check the results - offline. I can assure you that you will not get it right the first time; but with a little practice you'll soon see how each HTML instruction is used by the browser to display the finished page on the screen.
  6. If you have reservations about your ability to create a Home Page, then purchase a HTML instruction book or a HTML authoring program; there are several inexpensive programs on the market. Visit a computer shop and ask to see what's available. An HTML authoring program will take your word processed article and automatically add the HTML code needed to display it on the Net. Some word processors (i.e. MS Word version 7) even have a facility to save a file in HTML format.
  7. After creating your HTML file (which is really a text file with the suffix .htm or html) you should then load it into a WP program or Text Editor (we use Word Pad rather than MS Word) and make the necessary changes: i.e. adding instructions to load your graphics file and inserting the HTML links that point to the other files at your site, or to other sites on the Net. Here is where AVITW could help you.
    You could either:
    • Write for a free site CD containing all the A 'Voice' In The Wilderness web site files and use copies of the files you deem suitable for your own Web site. Remember that AVITW publications are not copy protected. So feel free to use any of the files we send you on your own site. See file: Copyright for more information about this.
    • Or simply link to the AVITW pages from your own, using the Internet addresses which appear in the Location bar when you view one of our files in your browser

We realize this all will appear too basic for words, if you already have a Web page; or too complicated if you haven't. But take it from us, creating a simple Web page is not beyond anyone who can read and send e-mail; and that includes you!

AVITW Contact Persons

An AVITW Internet Contact Person is:
  1. One who has accepted Yeshua the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, as his/her Saviour and one who believes and seeks to proclaim the Everlasting Gospel
  2. A believer who also endeavours to express his/her faith in keeping the commandments of Jehovah the Almighty God of Israel. This means one who keeps, amongst others, the weekly and annual Sabbaths as listed in Exodus 20:8-11 and Leviticus chapter 23.
  3. One who is a 'real Bible'-believing Christian. By the term 'real Bible' I mean the King James Version. English-speaking believers who do not think the King James Version is the infallible Word of God and/or who take the unethical course of changing it in hundreds of places to suit their particular religious beliefs, should not refer to themselves as AVITW Contacts.
    We have absolutely no objection to them using our material or linking to this site; but they must not call themselves A Voice In The Wilderness Contacts if they think the King James Version is full of errors and needs correcting.
  4. An Internet user who places a link to the AVITW Home Page on his/her Home Page.   Linking to a copy of our Home Page other than is, strictly speaking, not linking to the AVITW Home Page in Canada. Please note that an ordinary URL link to the AVITW site doesn't in itself make one a AVITW Contact.
    Many individuals and organzations in many other countries, have links to AVITW, but these are not AVITW Contacts. Oh no! An AVITW Contact is one who, after fulfilling the first three conditions given above, then places a link on his/her Home Page to the AVITW Home Page. In effect for such a link to be valid, the URL shown in the Location bar of a browser displaying our Home Page will be:
The explanations given above have become necessary in order to remove confusion in the minds of many. Please contact us if you need further clarification on these or any other points. Are you willing to become a TRUE labourer in the field? If so, your web site could become a powerful reaping tool in the Saviour's hand!

Obviously your Home Page will be different from ours. Everyone is different; but the Gospel we proclaim is the same. Our site will give you some ideas as to how you could set out your Home Page which, though reflecting your own personality, will still be proclaiming the Everlasting Gospel. If you have any reservations or queries about becoming a AVITW Contact, then write to us.

We'll end here, reminding you that "The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few." Come and join us in the field! Do let us know your web address if you decide to become an AVITW Contact Person.

Meanwhile may the blessing of the Almighty rest upon all who seek to learn and do His will.

In Emmanuel's Name


In The Son's Name For The Father's Glory

Elders:   Max W. Mader  &   Chris A. Yenni