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A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada
Hymnal Part 3

Serve The LORD With Gladness
Come Before His Presence With Singing
No. 101 Jesus loves Me Walking with me on my way.
No. 102 Let us with Gladsome mind Praise the LORD for He is kind.
No. 103 Hallelujah, what a Saviour When He comes, Our glorious King.
No. 104 Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven Fatherlike He tends and spares us.
No. 105 When Morning Gilds the Sky To God, the Word, on high.
No. 106 Father, once more before we part Guard the lips from sin.
No. 107 God Himself is with us O Thou Fount of blessing.
No. 108 What a Friend we have In Jesus We should never be discouraged.
No. 109 Just a Closer walk with Thee Through this world of toils and snares.
No. 110 Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee. (No. 2) Thou art giving and forgiving.
No. 111 Beautiful Saviour King of Creation.
No. 112 On a Hill far away stood an old rugged cross.
No. 113 Turn your eyes upon Jesus O soul, are you weary and troubled?
No. 114 All People that on Earth do dwell Sing to the LORD with cheerful voice.
No. 115 Praise Him, Praise Him His wonderful love proclaim.
No. 116 O Mother Dear, Jerusalem When shall my Sorrows have an End?
No. 117 Amazing Grace Twas grace that taught my heart to fear.
No. 118 Dear Saviour, If These Lambs Should Stray Among the thoughtless crowd be found.
No. 119 Teach me Thy way, O Lord Until the crown is won, teach me Thy way!
No. 120 This is the Day of Rest Bid Thou the blasts of discord cease.
No. 121 Lord of the Sabbath, Hear us Pray In this Your house, on this Your day.
No. 122 Blest Day of God The seventh, the best of days.
No. 123 Rejoice, the Lord is King Jesus, the Saviour, reigns, the God of truth and love.
No. 124 Behold, what wondrous Love and Grace We’ll fill the heavens with shouts of praise.
No. 125 Lord, pour Thy Spirit from on High And Thine ordained servants bless.
No. 126 Our guilt do we confess today Thy law did we reject.
No. 127 Come, let us Join with one Accord This is the day that God has blest.
No. 128 O Jesus, I have promised To serve Thee to the end.
No. 129 Behold A Sower From Afar Of truth that spreads from shore to shore.
No. 130 It passeth knowledge That dear love of Thine!
No. 131 O How I Love Thy Holy Word Thy gracious covenant, O Lord.
No. 132 To God my earnest voice I raise Be Thou my help when troubles throng.
No. 133 For the might of Thine arm Thou hast kept Thy pilgrim people.
No. 134 O God, we have Heard The voice of blasphemers and scoffers I hear.
No. 135 All things praise Thee Lord most high.
No. 136 In Time of Tribulation Through the wild sea Thou leadest Thy chosen flock of yore.
No. 137 How Hurtful Was The Choice of Lot Lord, quicken all our drowsy pow'r.
No. 138 Lord, my weak Thought in Vain would Climb When my dim reason would demand.
No. 139 When my Love to God Grows Weak Then in thought I go to thee.
No. 140 My Father Knows The balm I need to soothe my woes.
No. 141 It is a thing most wonderful Almost too wonderful to be.
No. 142 While Men grow bold in wicked ways What strange self-flatt'ry blinds their eyes.
No. 143 Jesus is all the world to me my life, my joy, my all.
No. 144 Whosoever will Shout, shout the sound!
No. 145 Who is on the Lord's side? Who will serve the King?
No. 146 Here from the world we turn O let Thy smile descend!
No. 147 Lighten the Darkness Shadows mislead us; Father, send Thy light.
No. 148 I am not skilled to understand I take Him at His word indeed.
No. 149 O Young And Fearless Prophet To stand with humble courage for truth with hearts uncowed.
No. 150 Yes, I know When He saved a wretch like me.

In the Son’s Name - For the Father’s Glory

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada