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“Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith;
prove your own selves...”

Examine Yourselves Index

The Answers to the following Questions can be found in the lessons of Module 8.

Question 1: “Yahweh ( Jehovah ) is our heavenly Father.” Yes, we believers belong to the “Royal Family of Heaven.” Name some of the family traits whereby we may recognize the “Children of God!”
See Lesson 1 for the answer.

Question 2: The Aaronic priesthood was a shadow, a type, a blueprint of the “Melchisedec Priesthood,” of which Jesus Christ is the High Priest. How does one recognize a lesser-priest in the Melchisedec Order?
See Lesson 2 for the answer.

Question 3: We learn from Scripture that “God’s Son,” “God’s Word”and “God’s law are “Truth.” What are the benefits of accepting the Truth?
See Lesson 3 for the answer.

Question 4: Satan harbours - or once did - the futile hope that he could wrest the universe from Jehovah and rule it his own way. Perhaps he still vainly imagines he can do this. What methods of attack does Satan use in his bid to deceive the human mind into worshipping him?
See Lesson 4 for the answer.

Question 5: Since the sacrifice of Yeshua on the cross, we no longer sacrifice animals or birds in an attempt to win God's pardon. What spiritual sacrifices are we expected to make instead?
See Lesson 5 for the answer.

Question 6: The experiences of the Prodigal Son are being repeated on a world scale. People run away from “authority, responsibility” and “God.” But sooner or later we all end up in trouble - in a spiritual pigsty. When this happens - and happen it will - what is the best thing we could do?
See Lesson 6 for the answer.

Question 7: The Middle east is a powder keg waiting to explode. Israel's enemies want to annihilate her and make Jerusalem their capital. Strangely enough “Jehovah” is going to allow the Gentiles to conquer Jerusalem. The question is: How long will Jerusalem be under Gentile domination and then what will “Yeshua the Messiah” do?
See Lesson 7 for the answer.

Question 8: Prayers fall into various categories: Desperation ( SOS ) prayers, Give me prayers, Thanksgiving prayers and Intercessory prayers etc. Success in prayer is always guaranteed if you “manifest the name of the Almighty,” or pray “in the Saviour’s Name.” What does it mean to “manifest the Father’s name” or to pray “in Jesus’ Name?”
See Lesson 8 for the answer.

Question 9: Wickedness abounds on earth and so often the Almighty appears to be condoning evil by His very silence. Evil men prosper and sin seems to be getting the upper hand. When did the Psalmist finally understand the Almighty's dealings with mankind? What future event will put “Truth” and “Justice” into authority again?
See Lesson 9 for the answer.

Question 10: The two little-known secrets for spiritual success are: “abiding in Yeshua ( Jesus ) the Saviour” and “Prayer.” What does it mean to “abide in the Saviour?”
See Lesson 10 for the answer.

Question 11: The young man Joseph experienced sexual temptations most people face today; yet he remained pure. The Bible says: “The LORD was with Joseph.” What rules do you suppose Joseph was following that kept him from sinning against his God? And do you think those rules apply today?
See Lesson 11 for the answer.

Question 12: It is said of Israel “The LORD hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth.” Alas! Israel has so far failed miserably to reach its full potential under God. Does this mean that God has cast away Israel in favour of a Gentile Church? Where does a Gentile convert to Christ fit into Yahweh's overall plan for His chosen people Israel?
See Lesson 12 for the answer.

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In the Son’s Name — For the Father’s Glory

Elder: Max W. Mader

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada