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“Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith;
prove your own selves...”

Examine Yourselves Index

The Answers to the following Questions can be found in the lessons of Module 7.

Question 1: The Bible is the “Word of God!” It is by far the most valuable physical possession a human being can have. It is “Life’s User Guide” and without it a man can become as lost as an ocean-going ship without a chart and compass. Name four things for which the Bible is absolutely essential.
See Lesson 1 for the answer.

Question 2: Ignorance of spiritual things is the worst form of blindness. List two facts about Jesus Christ ( Yeshua the Messiah ) of which no one should be ignorant; and two questions which we should ask ourselves.
See Lesson 2 for the answer.

Question 3: List the “Gifts” and the “Fruit” of the Holy Spirit. On the Day of Judgment, which of the two categories do you suppose will prove to be the more important and why?
See Lesson 3 for the answer.

Question 4: The Devil's first sin was “pride” - of his good looks and his clever mind. Pride went to his head and he deluded himself into thinking that he could out-shine and out-smart “Jehovah.” To accomplish his goal he organized a rebellion against the Most High and has lead multitudes of angels and men in open revolt against God. Name the “seven pieces of spiritual armour” with which the servants of God can overcome Satan the Devil.
See Lesson 4 for the answer.

Question 5: To drive home the vital lessons concerning sin, death and forgiveness, the God of Israel instituted the sacrificial system described in the Old Testament. What did all those blood sacrifices point to and how does the sinner in this dispensation obtain mercy and cleansing from sin?
See Lesson 5 for the answer.

Question 6: The Bible tells us that the “heirs of salvation” will one day “be like God!” List a few things which, in your opinion, this almost unimaginable privilege could encompass.
See Lesson 6 for the answer.

Question 7: In the prophecy of the Revelation we read of 3 Angel Messages that will be preached just prior to the return of Jesus Christ. What is the “1st Angel’s Message” and how is it directly linked to the keeping of the seventh day Sabbath of the Creator?
See Lesson 7 for the answer.

Question 8: A successful prayer life is no accident. It must be developed. List five hindrances to prayer, any one of which can cause your whole Christian experience to become a fruitless, spiritual desert.
See Lesson 8 for the answer.

Question 9: Everyone wants to be happy. People go to extra-ordinary lengths to achieve happiness. The Psalmist's remedy for eternal prosperity and happiness is given in the first two verses of Psalm 1. What do those two verses say?
See Lesson 9 for the answer.

Question 10: How a person reacts to the Almighty's invitation to His Kingdom is a good indicator of his/her true worth. What is the best thing we can do with Yahweh's invitation to the wedding banquet of His Son Yeshua?
See Lesson 10 for the answer.

Question 11: Moses was “God’s Friend.” He spoke with God “face to face!” Moses was a type of Christ. Yet millions treat his writings as though they were the plague. What did “Yeshua the Messiah” say about the people who didn't believe Moses?
See Lesson 11 for the answer.

Question 12: Sooner or later suffering comes to all of us. But suffering has benefits. Name some of the benefits of suffering.
See Lesson 12 for the answer.

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In the Son’s Name — For the Father’s Glory

Elder: Max W. Mader

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada