A Final Word of Caution to Preachers!

A Final Word of Caution to Preachers!

I speak with a word of caution which comes from the pen of Jack A Moorman in his booklet Conies, Brass & Easter (B.F.T.#1737) published by the Bible for Today 900 Park Ave, Collingswood, N.J. 08108 USA. He writes: The practice of publicly ‘correcting’ the Standard English Bible, the Authorized Version, is probably the quickest way to undermine faith. When conservative pastors and teachers tell their people: They are starting a chain reaction of unbelief more damaging than that caused by attacks of modernism. They are in effect saying: The focus of authority has shifted from the Scriptures themselves to the teacher. Reverent exposition of the text and translation is one thing, correction is quite another!

But are there not justifiable reasons for “occasional” correction of the KJV?
A survey of modern preaching, commentaries, Study Bibles, helps etc., shows that there is nothing “occasional” about it! Once the practice is begun, resistence to further alteration weakens, and there is little which is not affected. Sitting under such a ministry, God's people soon find their Bibles to be “in tatters.”

When a Version has become a Standard for nearly 400 years, has been the measuring rod against which all others are judged, has resulted in many millions receiving Christ as Saviour, has been the impetus in sending missionaries to the ends of the earth, and has spawned a world of supplimental literature - then we are dealing with the work of God! To say the least, such a Bible should be treated with the greatest respect!

If the experience of a considerable number of fundamental/evangelical leaders is anything to go by: to publicly go on record in criticizing the Authorized Version, doesn't seem to have a happy aftermath. There is often a loss of authority in their ministry. The pulpit power is not what it once was. They seem to find themselves on unstable and vulnerable ground. And more than a few have crashed completely and are no longer in the ministry!

Now go to it and preach the Real WORD of God


In the Son’s Name — For the Father’s glory.
Max W. Mader