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Text Based On Psalms Chapter 80 (KJV)
Give ear, O Shepherd of Israel, thou that
leadest Joseph like a flock; thou that dwellest
between the cherubims, shine forth.

(Public Domain)
1995 MH - Page No. 086
The LORD God - Psalms and Paraphrases
The Weekly Seventh Day Sabbath

Words: Psalms Chapter 80
Music: With earnest hope


1. O Thou, the Shepherd, of Israel, art;
Hear Thou our prayer and Thy favour impart;
Thou leader of Joseph, Thou guide of his way,
’Mid cherubim dwelling, Thy glory display.
In Ephriam’s, Manasseh’s, and Benjamin’s sight,
Come Thou and save us; awake in Thy might.

2. How long in anger wilt Thou turn away,
O LORD, of Hosts, when Thy people do pray?
With tears and sorrow their table is laid;
Of bitter mixture their drink hast Thou made.
Give us Thy favour, restore us Thy grace;
Then we shall live in the light of Thy face.

3. Thou made us a scorn to our neighbours around;
Our foes in laughter and scoffing abound.
O Thou, God of Israel, return unto Thine;
Look down from heaven and visit this vine;
No more shall we wander, delighting in shame;
Save us, O LORD, for we call on Thy name.

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada