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Text Based On Revelation Chapter 22 (KJV)
He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

(Public Domain)
1952 BH - Page No. 139
The Lord Jesus Christ - His Second Advent
The Weekly Seventh Day Sabbath

Words: Frances R. Havergal: 1836-1879
Music: William H. Monk: 1823-1889
Beverley (87.887.77.77.) v4/C


1. Thou art coming, O my Saviour,
Thou art coming, O my King,
In Thy beauty all resplendent,
In Thy glory all transcendent;
Well may we rejoice and sing:
Coming! in the opening east-
Herald brightness slowly swells;
Coming! O my glorious Priest,
Hear ye not His trumpet blast?

2. Thou art coming, Thou art coming;
We shall meet Thee on Thy way,
We shall see Thee, we shall know Thee,
We shall bless Thee, we shall show Thee-
All our hearts could never say:
What an anthem that will be,
Singing out our love to Thee,
Pouring out our joyful sweet-
At Thine own all glorious feet.

3. Thou art coming, we are waiting-
With a hope that cannot fail,
Asking not the day nor hour,
Resting on Thy Word of power,
Anchored safe within the veil.
Time appointed may be long,
But the vision must be sure;
Certainty shall make us strong,
Joyful patience can endure.

4. O the joy to see Thee reigning,
Thee, my own belovèd Lord!
Every tongue Thy name confessing,
Worship, honour, glory, blessing-
Brought to Thee with glad accord;
Thee, our Master and our Friend,
Vindicated and enthroned;
Unto earth’s remotest end-
Glorified, adored, and owned.

A blessèd Seventh Day Sabbath
to all believers.
In the Son’s Name - For the Father’s glory.

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada - USA