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Text Based On Hebrews Chapter 4
For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.

Public Domain
1952 BH - Page No. 320
The Church
The Weekly Seventh Day Sabbath

Words: John Ellerton: 1826-1893
Music: From Cantica Laudis, 1850
Bucer S.M. (66.86)
Lyrics/Verses/Key/v4/G/ Score


1. This is the day of rest:
Our failing strength renew;
On weary brain and troubled breast-
Shed Thou Thy freshening dew.

2. This is the day of peace:
Thy peace our spirits fill;
Bid Thou the blasts of discord cease,
The waves of strife be still.

3. This is the day of prayer:
Let earth to heaven draw near;
Lift up our hearts to seek Thee there,
Come down to meet us here.

4. This is the seventh of days;
Send forth Thy quick’ning breath,
And wake dead souls to love and praise,
O Vanquisher of death!

A blessèd Seventh Day Sabbath
to all believers.
In the Son’s Name - For the Father’s glory.

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