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Text Based On Zechariah Chapter 2 (KJV)
Sing and rejoice, O daughter of Zion: for, lo, I come, and I will dwell in the midst of thee, saith the LORD.

(Public Domain)
Words: Edward Denny: 1796-1889
Music: Johann Crüger: 1598-1662
Gräfenberg (C.M.)
Lyrics/Verses/Key/v6/F/ Score


1. O Zion, when thy Saviour came-
In grace and love to thee,
No beauty in thy royal Lord-
Thy faithless eye could see.

2. Yet, onward in His path of grace,
The holy Sufferer went,
To feel, at last, that love on thee-
Had all in vain been spent.

3. Yet not in vain; o’er Israel’s land-
Thy glory yet wilt shine;
And He, Thy once rejected King,
Messiah, shall be thine.

4. When thou, beneath the peaceful reign-
of Jesus and His bride,
Shalt sound His grace and glory forth-
To all the earth beside.

5. The nations to thy glorious light,
O Zion! yet shall throng;
And all the listening islands wait-
To catch the joyful song.

6. The name of Jesus yet shall ring-
Through earth and heaven above,
And all His ransomed people know-
The Sabbath of His love.

A blessèd Seventh Day Sabbath
to all believers.
In the Son’s Name - For the Father’s glory.

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