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Text Based On 1 Timothy Chapter 1 (KJV)
This is a faithful saying, and worthy
of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus
came into the world to save sinners;
of whom I am chief.

(Public Domain)
Words: William McComb: 1793-1870
Music: Richard Redhead: 1820-1901
Redhead [Aja­lon, Pe­tra] (77.77.77)


1 Chief of sinners though I be,
Jesus shed His blood for me;
Died that I might live on high,
Died that I might never die;
As the branch is to the vine,
I am His, and He is mine.

2 Oh, the height of Jesus’ love!
Higher than the heaven above,
Deeper than the deepest sea,
Lasting as eternity;
Love that found me — wondrous thought!
Found me when I sought Him not!

3 Chief of sinners though I be,
Christ is all in all to me;
All my wants to Him are known,
All my sorrows are His own;
Safe with Him from earthly strife,
He sustains the hidden life.

4 Oh, my Saviour, help afford
By Thy Spirit and Thy Word!
When my wayward heart would stray,
Keep me in the narrow way;
Grace in time of need supply
While I live and when I die.

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada