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Text Based On Hebrews Chapter 11 (KJV)
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for,
the evidence of things not seen.

(Public Domain)
Words: Thomas Toke Lynch: 1818-1871
Music: Staff of Faith. (86.86.888.6.)


1 My faith it is an oaken staff,
The traveller’s wellloved aid;
My faith, it is a weapon stout,
The soldier’s trusty blade:
I’ll travel on and still be stirred
By silent thought or social word;
By all my perils undterred
A soldier pilgrim staid.

2 I have a Captain, and the heart
Of every private man
Has drunk in valour from His eyes,
Since first the war began;
He is most merciful in fight,
And of His scars a single sight
The embers of our falling might
Into a flame can fan.

3 I have a Guide, and in His steps
When travellers have trod,
Whether beneath was flinty rock
Or yielding grassy sod,
They cared not, but with force unspent,
Unmoved by pain, they onward went,
Unstayed by pleasures still they bent
Their zealous course to God.

4 My faith, it is an oaken staff,
Oh, let me on it lean;
My faith, it is a trusty sword,
May falsehood find it keen:
Thy Spirit, Lord, to me impart,
Oh, make me what Thou ever art
Of patient and courageous heart,
As all true saints have been.

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada