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Dear Reader

As you know, articles on the Internet can be controversial; especially when politics or religion are involved. If you are a regular visitor to A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada www.avoiceinthewilderness.org & www.avitw.ca You will recognize how true this is as regards religious beliefs. Our articles on:

  • Bible Versions ... Which is the REAL Word of God?
  • Evolution/Creation
  • The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • The TRUE Sabbath Day
  • The Correct Feast Days in the Sacred Calendar
  • The Sacred Names
  • Christmas and Easter
  • The Sign of the Cross, Purgatory, Celibacy, Women Priests etc. are prime examples of this.

After reading some A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada articles, you may be tempted to fire off an e-mail to me. But hold it, because whatever your response - agreement, disagreement or otherwise - please understand ... that I have absolutely no intention or time to enter into ‘e-mail arguments’ on any subject at A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada.

As far as I am concerned; every person on earth is entitled to believe what he/she wants; concerning any religion or political party. This means that though I may not always agree with the views of others, I respect their God-given right to hold those views. But please, let's not argue about them. If you think you have more enlightenment on this or any other subject, well then ... publish it! Put it on the Internet, under your own name, for the whole world to read. After all, if the Almighty wants mankind to receive a particular message, you can be sure that He will motivate and enable His chosen messengers to put out that message; and nothing will stop it reaching its intended audience the world! But no controversy please.

Unsolicited E-mail Attachments

Another thing: please resist the urge to send unsolicited e-mail attachments. If you have something to tell mankind, then, as mentioned above, place it on your web site. But please, please do not bombard this - or any other - site with lengthy e-mail articles.

If you really want us to know something you think is urgent, then: Place it on your web site and tell us it's there; or better still, Print it out and post it to us by ordinary mail! It will then be read. But no more e-mail attachments please.

In the Son’s Name - For the Father’s Glory

Elder: Max W. Mader

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada